SOHO Global Health employs over 3000 people around the country from a large variety of background in terms of culture, habits, education and skills. We understand that our diversity includes gender, different generations, people ethnicity, race and religion. We accept the diversity as a legacy from our founders, which becomes the foundation of our national operations in all our lines of business. We understand that by managing this diversity properly, then business performance and employee satisfaction will increase accordingly. That's why we are an Equal Employment Opportunity company.

SOHO Global Health fosters diversity by integrating and aligning competency and commitment which is covered by our leadership framework. We identifiy and develop our managers competencies by building strategic working relationship, managing change, and aligning performance for success. We also encourage our employees to speak their mind. We assure our customers that our supportive working environment is establishing unity and togetherness among employees, so they become our valuable intangible assets.

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Mayapada 2 Building, 12th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 27
Jakarta 12920 INDONESIA

Phone   +6221 2985 8888 (Hunting)
Fax       +6221 2985 8866