September 30, 2015
The Alzheimer Population was 35.6 Million in 2012
Comprehensive Management Support from All Parties is Needed

Jakarta (27/09) - Alzheimer is a condition where a person experiences a decrease on the memorial function, the way of thinking, way of socializing, way of communication, which influence their way of everyday’s life. World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that there were around 36.5 million people in the world suffering from Alzheimer in 2012 (source: http://www.pusgenkes.kemkes). This number was predicted to increase twice every 20 years. In Indonesia, and although the prevalence is not yet clear it is estimated that one million people suffers from Alzheimer.  In order to improve awareness on the Alzheimer community, SOHO Global Health indicates its awareness by supporting the ALZI (Yayasan Alzheimer Indonesia), in commemorating the World Alzheimer Month during the month of September since 1984 which is also commemorated by 80 countries in the world.

SOHO Cares for Alzheimer
On Sunday 27 September 2015, ALZI conducted a Healthy Walk (Jalan Sehat) and Poco-Poco Exercise located at the South West door of MONAS (National Monument) and the theme was #MelawanPikun (Fighting  Senility) attended by hundreds of elderly people as well as activators and volunteers of Alzheimer. Support of SOHO in this activity, which also took the advantage of the Car Free Day, is one of SOHO awareness to make campaign on a better health  for the Indonesian community.

“SOHO support to the Yayasan Alzheimer Indonesia (The Indonesian Alzheimer Foundation) is not limited on providing donation only but also in involving active participation of hundreds of employees in this activity,” said Widi Nugroho Sahib as the Head of Public Relations & General Services-SOHO Global Health,”together with their family members, and the groufie competition which should be down-loaded from the Social Media Application i.e. Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus and Instagram” For information, Widi added, every SOHO employee should engage three family members in this purple-shaded event.

The basic concept of supporting ALZI through the SOHO Public Relations team, according to Widi Nugroho Sahib, is by implementing the 3600 Communications Strategy, i.e. internal communication (employees), external communication (the press and non-governmental organizations), and the company’s CSR. 

The Indonesian Iceberg Fenomenon
According to DY Suharya, as Executive Director ALZI, records show that the D.I. Yogyakarta province and  Bantul District have high life expectancy rate compared to other provinces in is Indonesia. Alzheimer is an iceberg fenomenon meaning that there still many un-manageable issues because the management is not focused on people with Alzheimer only but it also need preparedness of the people managing and taking care of Alzheimer persons.
According to dr Yuda Turana, Sp.S., who was also present in the location of the ALZI (27/09) event, some issues that can be done  to slow-down Alzheimer are:

1.Decrease the blood cholesterol level

2.Decrease and maintain Hypertension/High Blood Pressure

3.Control Diabetes

4.Regular exercise 

5.Involve in activities that stimulate the brain to think6.Improve quality of life.

7.Healthy diet and balanced nutrition.

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