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August 21, 2015
SOHO Global Health Developed Indonesian Native Herbs to World’s Level
Integrated Curcuma Research Center with a ABCG Concept (Academy+Business+Community+Government)

JAKARTA, (13/08) – Indonesia has a very large nature potential in plant resources among others various medical plants. To explore this potential SOHO Global Health inaugurates its herbal research facility called SOHO Centre of Excellence in Herbal Research (SCEHR) located in Cihanjawar village, Nagrak Sub-district, Sukabumi District, West Java.

The facility of around 12 hectares has set its concept of integrated collaboration between companies, the higher education world, the government and the community and is called ABCG - Academy, Busines, Community, Government collaboration. Since 2010 SOHO (Business) collaborates with IPB (Academy), Sukabumi District Government, with the Community, and also with the Directorate General of Horticulture – Ministry of Agriculture (Government).

At this SCEHR research facility, SOHO researches and develops curcuma or Curcuma Xanthorriza in Latin, which is one of the Indonesian native herbs that has proved to have diverse medical benefits. Curcuma is also well known as “The Most Precious Herbal in The World” due to its benefits, starting from maintaining function of the heart, as anti-oxidant, fixing the digestive function, and able to decrease the level of fats in the blood. Curcuma contains useful ingredients such as Curcuminoid, essential oil called Xanthorrhizol oils and other ingredients.

Curcuma seeds which contain the best useful ingredients have been produced from various researchers and developments of seed varieties and small scale planting method. The methods being researched and developed are among others method of planting, maintaining, harvesting, cutting and drying. These seeds and methods are then standardized and applied on a bigger scale with scientists from IPB who develop and teach this method to farmers around the SCEHR research facility.

Dried chopped curcuma produced from the process is called simplisia. This simplisia is then further processed through the extraction method to derive useful extracts Curcuminoids, Xanthorrhizol oils and other ingredients. This extract will then be formulated into various SOHO products such as Curcuma Plus(R). SOHO is currently developing a Curcuma based products for wider purposes supported by research methods acceptable by the medical world. .

“The purpose of this program is to develop the Indonesian owned potentials and nature richness, where Curcuma is one of the plants focused by SOHO” said Made Dharma Wijaya as Executive Vice President – Supply & Operation of SOHO Global Health. Made Dharma added that this SCEHR research facilities are part of the Seed to Patient concept developed by SOHO Global Health. SOHO develops curcuma starting with standardization of best quality seeds, recorded and controlled process in planting, harvesting up to processing, extraction process resulting high quality and consistent extract, formulation of curcuma extract to be produced into medicines and distribution to the patients.

This SCEHR is expected to be able to deliver its contribution for the Indonesian community, in the empowerment of farmers as well as a curcuma research center until it becomes the world level Indonesian origin herbal. (gab)

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