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September 21, 2015
SOHO is present in the World Expo Milano
Strategic Partnership with the Drug and Food Control Republic of Indonesia

World Expo Milano 2015 (WEM 2015) is taking place in Milano, Italy from 1 May 2015 up to 31 October 2015 with Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life as its theme. This WEM 2015 is an international event to promote culture and wealth of each country in the world. There are 145 countries participating in this event including Indonesia. World Expo is the biggest expo in the world held for the first time in 1851 in London.

The Drug and Food Control and its vision “Save Drug and Food improve the health of the community and the nation’s competitiveness", supports the promotion of Indonesian drug and food by participating in the Indonesian pavilion for almost 1 week, conducting Product Display and Business Forum on 30 August - 3 September 2015. This forum is filled with presentation from the Drug and Food Control and the Indonesian drug and food business people to push export as well as to attract foreign investors to Indonesia.

SOHO Global Health as a company is committed to develop nature potentials for a healthy Indonesia as well as a healthy world, among others through Indonesian an original herb which is Curcuma, join and actively participate in WEM 2015 activities as partner of the Drug and Food Control, through product display and presentation in the Business Forum. SOHO Global Health featured product is best presented in a booth which is directly supervised by Made Dharma Wijaya, Ayu Puspitalena RTR and Fadli Andriansyah, in a Business Forum event on 3 September 2015. The material titled Curcuma (Curcuma zanthorrhiza L.) an Innovation on Eminent Herbal Medicine from Indonesia, was interestingly presented by the President Director & CEO SOHO Global Health, Rogelio C. La O' Jr. (Cooey) and DR. Raphael Aswin Susilowidodo, Director of Research and Development.

The participants are very enthusiastic with the presented material related to the seed to patient concept development as well as the existing participation of “ABCG” ( academy, business, community, & government ) in the development of SOHO products.

In order to show SOHO Global Health’s commitment as well as to directly explain the seed to patient concept, SOHO Global Health invited the Drug and Food Control group to visit one of the SOHO Flordis International (SFI) companies, Ginsana SA in Bioggio Lugano (Switzerland). Participating in this visit were Head of the Drug and Food Control, DR. Roy A. Sparringa, MAppSc, Deputy I/Plt. Deputy II of the Drug and Food Control, Drs. Tengku Bahdar Johan Hamid, Apt, M.Pharm, as well as some directors of the Drug and Food Control who were very impressed with the presentation brought forward by SFI/Ginsana team as well as with the activities conducted in the company. The head of the Drug and Food Control directly announced his full support related to the herbal product development effort through the "seed to patient“ concept.

Series of events of the Drug and Food Control at the World Expo Milano 2015 were successfully conducted with the Drug and Food Control partnership and the Indonesian drug and food business people, while the existence of SOHO has also given its own color in representing Indonesia with its herbal product. The presence of visitors enlivened the booth and the enthusiasm of their questions also support the success of this mission. Till we meet again in the next Drug and Food Control partnership event.

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