Consumer Health

Our Consumer Health division is bringing consumer-centric innovation with its mainly nonprescription (OTC) brand products to treat and prevent diseases and to improve well-being, providing consumers with the corresponding self-care solutions.

Its product portfolio spans from over-the-counter (OTC) drugs with therapeutic benefit to consumer products with health benefits. These products are well recognized and leading in their respective product categories.

Our Consumer Health business includes a portfolio of brands that aim to deliver consistent, high quality, and responsible growth supported by important investments in marketing and innovation. Our development strategies are focused on expanding and enhancing our brand portfolio. We aim to achieve this by developing new products along with new delivery forms, formulations, consumer messages, novel packaging forms and other innovations.

Some of SGH’s top products include Imboost, Curcuma Plus, Fitkom, Diapet, Laxing and Lelap.

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