SOHO Global Health’s distribution and logistics business is run through its business unit called PT Parit Padang Global (PPG).

PPG operates a wide distribution coverage for healthcare products in Indonesia. Its far-reaching network cover above 95% of hospitals and pharmacies nationwide as well as consumer outlets and modern outlets – through 25 branches, 3 sales offices and sub-distributor network.

On top of distributing Group’s proprietary products, PPG distributes products for the 40+ other third-party principals throughout Indonesia. PPG provides integrated distribution, SCM and logistics services for a full range of pharmaceutical, medical devices, and consumer products.

PPG Distribution Coverage

  • brances
  • sales office
  • Unparalleled medical channel coverage  (covering all medical outlets up to Puskesmas level - public health clinics)
  • 60 years long track record of on time payments to our partners
  • Industry leading service levels (24/7 life saving products, same day medical channel, max following day consumer channel, max 2 days out of town)
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PPG Facilities and


Number of fleet

  • 600 Vehicles


  • 1 distribution center (Central Warehouse)
  • 2-8 degree Celcius for cold chain storage
  • Manage in excess of 15,000 pallets in our Central Warehouse and 17,000 pallets within all our distribution branches nationwide

Distribution Network

  • 52 distribution points (branches, sales offices and sub-distributors)

Certification and recognition

  • GSDP Certificate from Société Générale de Surveillance
  • ISO 9001:2015

IT Enablement

SFE IT platform a point of differentiation and a substantial competitive advantage in a market like Indonesia where field execution is always challenging   

  • Robust IT system using SAP ERP with WMS (Warehouse Management System) as the main backbone
  • iMAP (Intelligent Mobile Automation Platform) from IVY: Automation for ordering purposes
  • Web Sales PIP (Principal Information Portal) : Centralized database management dashboard with daily information update

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