21 February 2020

Prevent Corona Virus by Increasing Immune System

JAKARTA, February 19, 2020 - The spread of the new type of coronavirus or COVID 19 continues to grow. The death toll due to the coronavirus epidemic continues to increase, on Friday (2/18/2020) the total number of deaths in China reached at least 1,873 people and the total number of confirmed cases rose to 73,332. The 94 new reported deaths, mostly from the hard-hit Hubei Province, where the outbreak was first discovered. The confirmed infection cases have climbed to 454 cases outside China in 24 countries.


As of now, there are no reported cases of coronavirus in Indonesia. The World Health Organization (WHO) said Indonesia must be better prepared for the possibility of coronavirus spread. WHO hopes that Indonesia can improve supervision, case detection and preparation at designated health facilities if the outbreak spread.


dr. Erlina Burhan, M.Sc, SpP (K), Consultant of Lung Sub-Infection at Central Hospital Persahabatan, said that people should not need to panic, because coronavirus can only transmitted via direct contact with people who have infected. The coronavirus spreads from human to human through coughing, sneezing, or close contact. But if someone has strong antibodies, the coronavirus cannot attack the body.


"No need to panic because coronavirus is transmitted through direct contact with infected persons. So far in Indonesia there has no reported case of coronavirus, so our environment is still relatively safe. But we do need to take precautionary measures. The most effective prevention is to strengthen our antibodies so that they are immune from virus, including coronavirus" said dr. Erlina.


dr. Erlina also advised everyone to maintain a clean lifestyle specifically in these conditions. Maintaining cleanliness such as washing hands can reduce the risk of spreading the virus by up to 37% as dr. Erlina recommended washing hands for 20 seconds routinely before touching mouth, nose, eyes and after having contact with public installations; cover mouth and nose with a mask or tissue when sneezing or coughing; and cleaning body after having trip.


A recent study of the new coronavirus outbreak was reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association which referred to the analysis of patients at the Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, showing that half of all people infected with the new coronavirus were aged 40 to 59 years. Only 10% among patients younger than 39 years. But that does not mean children cannot be infected by coronavirus. Prof. dr. Bambang Supriyatno, SpA (K), Consultant of Children's Respiratory at RSCM explained that children actually become vulnerable to any virus because immune system in infants and children are still in development stage as they learn to recognize and protect the body from germs. Whereas in adolescents and adults, the body's immune system has immediately recognized the type of germ and immediately safeguarded body from germs.


Prof. Bambang advised parents to increase alertness of coronavirus. Some tips to prevent children from viruses are by completing child's immunization, implementing a clean lifestyle, and increasing child's immune system via consumptions of nutrients to create antibody. In current conditions, parents should avoid or reduce bringing children under five to crowded places; this is to reduce the risk of children being exposed to coronavirus.


"Parents also need to monitor closely their children’s health. Observe the symptoms of the disease that may experienced by the children for an immediate treatment. Also check whether they showed symptoms of tired, fatigue and weak as a symptom of unhealthy condition. If these happen, immediately consume good nutrition to induce body defense, and immediately see doctor when necessary, "said Prof. Bambang.


The immune system is indeed a vital protector for the body to fight against disease. According to Prof. Dr. dr. Iris Rengganis, Sp.PD-KAI, the body has an immune system or defense system, as a natural mechanism to fight against threat of foreign objects, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi. The immune system is body's mechanisms to maintain self from danger from both inside and outside the body. When the immune system is weak, then foreign objects will easily enter, causing infection and symptoms such as sneezing, fever and others. Moreover, in current conditions, where coronavirus is easily spread and no vaccine has been found. In cases like this, the best way to prevent self from infection is to strengthen the antibody.


Immunity is dynamic, can be up and down. Immunity is affected by age, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, hormones, exercise, and emotions. In maturity age, the antibodies are stronger. However, antibodies can also weaken along with age. The body's immunity can be maintained and improved with a healthy lifestyle, from nutritious food consumption to regular exercise. In addition, performing regular exercise, having enough rest, drinking enough water is also recommended to detoxify body. Not enough sleep and stress can trigger a drop in body immunity that automatically reduces the quality of antibodies.


According to Prof. Iris, the immune system can be improved by modulating (regulating) the immune system using immunostimulants. Immunostimulants play a role in activating various different elements and mechanisms in the immune system. Immunostimulant function is to increase the body's natural defenses to overcome various virus and bacterial infections, and also various diseases where the immune system is decreased or suppressed. Immunostimulants can help the immune system by stimulating the formation of various immune cells that have important functions, one of which is by increasing the formation of antibodies and cytokines and improving the function of phagocystosis.


"Nutritious food is important to maintain body defense. If someone does not have time to eat nutritious food, it is recommended to consume supplements or immunostimulants, "said Prof. Iris.


Prof. Iris added, the use of immunostimulants is recommended for people who plan to travel, and often having exposure in the crowd. In addition, vulnerable age groups have low immune system, especially the elderly (over the age of 60 years). Prof. Iris also added that increasing body immune system in this condition becomes very important for everyone.


"In conditions where the risk of exposure to virus infections is very high, immunostimulants can be added in addition to other precautions. Immunostimulants can be consumed in a certain duration until the risk of exposure to the virus decreases and should be consumed before someone is infected with a disease, because immunostimulants need time to stimulate the immune system, "said Prof. Iris.


"As the producer of Imboost which is the market leader of body defense supplements in Indonesia, and Imboost Force is the immunostimulant supplement that is most recommended by doctors *, we have a social responsibility for public health. We hope that this scientific and objective information can help calm the public and fight the threat of coronavirus with strong immune system. Imboost and Imboost Force as immunostimulants can be the best supplement choice for strengthening immune system, "said VP Marketing Healthcare SOHO Global Health, Sylvia Rizal.


DR. Raphael Aswin, MSi, VP Research & Development SOHO Global Health explained that good immunostimulants contain both Echinacea pupurea extract and zinc picolinate. The content of Echinacea purpurea extract has been clinically proven to modulate the immune system and prevent the spread of further infections. While zinc picolinate plays an active role and works synergistically on the immune system.


Imboost is an immunomodulatory product that is immuno stimulant from SOHO Global Health which contains Echinacea pupurea extract and zinc picolinate. In addition there is also an Imboost Force that has more strength in immunostimulant because there is an additional content of Blackelderberry extract that can prevent viral replication and stimulate the immune system by increasing monocyte production, which is the part of leukocyte that plays a role in the immune system, so that it will accelerate the healing process for people who are sick due to infection of the virus. Therefore, Imboost Force in addition to prevention can also be given in conjunction with treatment from doctor. The Imboost product range has good reputation and experience in the Indonesian market for more than 20 years. Currently, Imboost products consist of a variety of format, namely Imboost Tablet, Imboost Force Caplet, Imboost Force ES Caplet, Imboost Force Cough, Imboost Kids Syrup, Imboost Force Kids Syrup, Imboost Tablet Hisap, Imboost Effervescent and also Imboost Lozenges.


* Based on IMS Q2-2019

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