12 May 2020

Family’s Immunity Protection during Covid 19 Pandemic in Ramadan

JAKARTA, May 10, 2020 - Since the Government of Indonesia announced positive patients on March 2, 2020, the number of positive patients has continued to grow. Large-scale Social Restrictions Policy (PSBB) is still in place to reduce the spread of Covid 19.

Doni Monardo, Chair of the Covid Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid 19, confirmed that as long as the vaccine has not been found, we are not safe. Means, the risk of  Covid 19 is still high. So far researchers have still not found the Covid 19 vaccine. This is also reinforced by the statement of President Jokowi who said that the public must remain vigilant on the 2nd wave of Covid 19, which came from overseas workers and travelers.

Moreover, the trend of the addition of positive patients Covid 19 in Indonesia is also still rising, as stated by Pulmonologist, Dr. dr. Erlina Burhan, M.Sc, Sp.P (K). "We will see if the trend is still rising, but the addition from day to day looks fluctuating," said Dr. Erlina. "Said Dr. Erlina.

She explained, the highest addition of positive patients was seen on April 24th . But, April 25th  is still, and also April 26th. However, the increase was not as much as on April 24th . The prediction is this May, will be the peak period of Covid-19. "We will see whether there is a decline or not. If you look at the graph, now it is still rising. Even though Jakarta has begun to flatten, other regions will continue to exist. So, if accumulated, the total will continue to rise," said Dr. Erlina.

Therefore, we still need to be alert, especially as this pandemic coincides with the entry of Ramadan, where Muslims practice fasting. "During fasting during the co-19 period, people still have to be aware of disease transmission, so that in terms of worship, it is now also limited. So, we do have to further increase our immunity," said Dr. Erlina.

Although she also confirmed that fasting does not have too much effect on the immune system or the immune system because people still eat and drink. The difference is when it comes to eating and drinking. In the fasting month people cannot eat all the time, but can only eat at night, from the time of breaking the fast until sahur. Therefore, prevention efforts during the Covid-19 period, including Ramadan until the post pandemic have no differences by social distancing, physical distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, then living clean and healthy. Healthy life means eating regularly, eating good nutrition, don't stay up, don't smoke, and so on. this virus must be combated with good immunity and good nutrition that will enhance the immune system.

Nutrition is very important to improve the immune system, so do not get nutritional deficiencies. "We do not know whether our food is balanced or not. If we usually get vitamins from vegetables and fruits. But sometimes children do not like to eat vegetables. Well, maybe it's good to also be given a multivitamin or supplement," said Dr. Erlina.

Dr. Inggrid Tania, M.Sc, Chairperson of the Association of Indonesian Traditional Medicine and Herbal Medicine Developers (PDPOTJI) said, to improve and enhance immunity  must have be holistic efforts. For example, adequate sleep, adequate rest, eat a nutritionally balanced, avoid stress as much as possible, enough water. That has become a challenge.

"When it really needs, we need supplements, then consume supplements as needed. We have to consume them every day, but they can still be consumed every day, but still accompanied by other assistance that supports and boosts the immune system, such as drinking enough water, "Enough rest, and so on, taking supplements is not the only thing, but as an effort," said Dr. Ingrid.

She gave an example of curcumin contained in temulawak. Its usefulness, as a bioactive substance has benefits for example, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory. These properties are beneficial in various health conditions and pathological conditions. Including the time of this pandemic. Existing studies also show that Curcumin has anti-viral properties.

In addition to adults, administering cucurmin can also be given to children. The mixture of curcumin or temulawak extract in a multivitamin, is synergistic. That is, in addition to immunomodulatory properties, Curcumin provides other benefits for children, for example, improving appetite, and can help growth as well.

Another important thing is there are almost no contraindications to consume cucurmin, in children. The difference in children and adults is only in the dosage. "If Covid-19 is a viral infection. Because this viral infection is self-limiting deases, it really depends on our immune system," Dr. Ingrid.

Growth and development expert Dr. Ahmad Suryawan, SpA (K) said, in children, viral infections, both Covid-19 virus and others, are at risk of child growth and development. The impact of the infection process on the growth and development of children is long term. In children under six years, can interfere with basic growth and development, namely motor skills, language speaking skills, and personal ability of independence. While in children aged over six years, the process of infection at an early age, can interfere with growth and development in aspects of behavior and intelligence.

Especially for Covid-19, because there is something different from other virus infections, especially with the problem of speed of spread. With social restrictions and children having to go to school at home, there is a risk of disturbing their growth and development. Including, will interfere with the health examination, growth and development examination, and immunization schedule. In fact, the provision of immunizations and others must still be given, even during a pandemic and PSBB like this.

"In children, increasing immunity is not only to prevent the virus from entering, but the immune system must also be used to generate energy used for brain development," said the doctor who is usually called Dr. wawan.

Thus, securing the immune system during the physical distancing period, includes three things. First, adjust the pattern of physical activity depending on age. Second, regulate sleep activities. Third, the most important thing is to regulate the pattern of nutrition. This is the basic effort a parent must make during the physical distancing or independent phase at home.

DR. Raphael Aswin Susilowidodo, ST, MSi, VP Research & Development, Regulatory & Pharmacovigillance Soho Global Health advised to use TemulawakExtract. The use of temulawak extract according to Dr. Aswin is more effective to maintain  body health because the curcumin level is standardized  and suitable with needs and requirement ."To get Temulawak (Curcuma) 20 mg extract, it needs 7500 mg of fresh Temulawak, so that the Curcuma FCT product is very simple and comfortable for patients to use without the hassle of making a stew," said Dr. Aswin. High Quality product with Temulawak based from SOHO are Curcuma FCT, Curcuma tablets and and Curcuma Plus. For children, Curcuma Plus is available in the form of vitamin syrup and tablets and also Growing Up  Milk. For adults , Curcuma FCT available  in tablet form.

PT SOHO Global Health, as a pharmaceutical company that produces modern herbal medicines continues to focus on developing Indonesia's natural potential consistently shows  seriousness in developing Temulawak. SOHO Center of Excellence in Herbal Research (SCEHR) is a SOHO plantation and research facility focuses on Temulawak research and cultivation. SOHO products have been tested for toxicity, the results of which state that SOHO Temulawak products based are safe for consumption. In addition, with the concept of Seed to Patient, SOHO innovates to produce high quality and standardized temulawak start from the seed process, until it is tested in Pre-clinical and Clinical trials. The process of planting up to processing has been Certified Organic by  Organic Agriculture Certification from Inofice, an Organic Crop Certification Agency.

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