06 April 2022


Jakarta (05/04) – PT Parit Padang Global (PPG) has officially become 3M Indonesia's distributor for Nexcare products. PPG was appointed and trusted by 3M Indonesia to distribute 3M Consumer products (such as Nexcare, Micropore, etc.) as of April 1, 2022.

Mrs. Olin (Salome Cahya), as Country Sales Lead - Consumer Business Group 3M Indonesia signed a letter of distribution agreement between the two parties and handed it over to Mr. Edwin Vega Dharma as PPG's VP Sales & Marketing at the signing ceremony on April 4, 2022.

The ceremonial event marking the beginning of the cooperation between the two parties, was held in the lobby of PT Parit Padang Global Head Office (HO) in Pulogadung. The event was carried out with the humble symbolic meaning of cutting “tumpeng rice”, while breaking the fast for Moslem attendance, with strict health protocols compliance to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus.

The appointment of PPG as 3M Indonesia's distributor partner demonstrates the trust this multinational principal places in PPG's reputation.

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Annual Report 2019

SOHO Global Health has consistently delivered sustainable, solid financial results despite the soft market condition. In a rapidly-changing environment, the key to our success has been our ability to balance continuity with change. It has required discipline and decisive actions to build sustainable value for the long term.

[#<Publication id: 16, image: "Cover_Final-01.jpg", file_publication: "Annual_Report_2018_Format_A4_pdf_Compressed_Landsc...", position: nil, published: true, category: "annual_reports", created_at: "2019-05-29 01:52:38", updated_at: "2019-06-13 02:00:14", title: "Annual Report 2018", description: "<p>2018 Performance and Financial Highlights</p>\r\n...">, #<Publication id: 10, image: "Screen_Shot_2018-12-04_at_15.13.47.png", file_publication: "annual_report_2017.pdf", position: nil, published: true, category: "annual_reports", created_at: "2018-07-16 17:06:33", updated_at: "2018-12-04 08:14:12", title: "Annual Report 2017", description: "<p><strong>2017 Performance and Financial Highligh...">, #<Publication id: 9, image: "annual_report_2017.png", file_publication: "SGH_Annual_Report_2016.pdf", position: nil, published: true, category: "annual_reports", created_at: "2018-07-16 17:05:18", updated_at: "2018-12-04 08:12:36", title: "Annual Report 2016", description: "">]

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