Early Years
(1946 - 1990)

  • 1946

    N.V. Ethica Handel Maatschappij (currently known as PT Ethica Industri Farmasi) founded by Mr. Tan Tjhoen Lim as an injectables focused pharmaceutical company

  • 1951

    N.V. Soho Pharmaceutische Industrie en Handel Maatschappij (currently known as PT SOHO Industri Pharmasi) was established as the pioneer and  trend-setter in the use of natural products in prescription market

  • 1956

    PT Parit Padang was established as the distribution arm of the business

Broadening Portfolio
(1991 - 2012)

  • 1992

    PT SOHO Industri Pharmasi expanded its business portfolio by starting to market OTC products

  • 2005

    Alliance business was established to provide a full-service solution for MNCs looking to enter the Indonesian pharmaceutical market

  • 2006

    • SOHO OTC business expanded to Consumer Health products
    • First exports to international market

  • 2009

    PT Universal Health Network (“Unihealth”) was established to increase the number of consumer touch points via multilevel marketing/direct selling

  • 2012

    PT SOHO Global Medika was established to seize the market opportunity created by the growth of the medical device & medical equipment segment

New Era of SGH
(2013 - Present)

  • 2013

    • Formed a Joint Venture with Fresenius Kabi, a global leader in Injectable Generics through the sale of a 51% stake in PT Ethica Industri Farmasi
    • Natural Wellness campaign: Harnessing nature for a healthier Indonesia

  • 2015

    • Embraced new Purpose, Vision and Core Values (PVCV) as guiding principles to sustainably grow the business
    • Announced partnership with Quadria Capital, a growth focused private equity fund with healthcare industry & regional specialization.

  • 2017

    Jan 7th, 2017 marked a notable milestone for PPG (Parit Padang Global) as PPG officially launched SAP as its new ERP platform, while SIP (SOHO Industri Pharmasi) was already live on SAP since late 2015. The new integrated enterprise management system is expected to streamline our business processes, drive efficiencies and ensure data integrity and accuracy throughout the Company

  • 2020

    PT Soho Global Health Tbk (ticker code: SOHO), made an Initial Public Listing (IPO) on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) dated Sept  8th, 2020

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