Our Purpose

We have a simple but clear purpose – to hold the care of human life as our highest priority and thereby glorify God.


Our Vision

Our distinct Purpose and our operational expertise across our business processes will help realize our vision – to be a healthcare leader and the preeminent provider of innovative natural pharmaceutical products. We are a company that values the well-being of the community and promotes a healthy lifestyle in a socially responsible way


Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Code of Business Ethics and Conduct is our road map to achieve our purpose and vision and meet the requirements of Good Corporate Governance. The Code states SOHO Global Health's commitment to our different stakeholders. It also defines our expectation towards employees and set the standards for business behavior that apply thoughout the SOHO Global Health Group.


This Code lays out principles on how we respond, how we behave, and what decisions we should make when we deal with certain issues in our business practices. It provides guidance in case of questions or corcerns. All of our interactions with the stakeholders: customer, business partners/resource providers, communities, government, and users of the products and services should be conducted in an ethical and proper manner.

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Our Core Values

Our Purpose and Vision are ambitious. They are supported by our Core Values that are consistent with the expectation of our stakeholders and community.

  • We adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior within the internal and external business environment. We are committed to be transparent and compliant in all of our processes.

  • We value diversity in team collaboration and nurture sustainable trusting relationships in everything we do.

  • We enable the innovative spirit and mindset in everything we do to continuously improve. We will embrace creative thinking in developing new products and services, and find better ways to solve problems and to face challenges.

  • We will embed the culture that requires disciplined people who engage in disciplined thought and then take disciplined action towards achieving company objectives, and strive for self-discipline to follow its policies and procedures.

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