15 May 2020

Maintaining Healthy and Moist Skin During the Covid Pandemic 19

JAKARTA - May 12, 2020 Wearing a mask and washing hands frequently has become a new habit since the Covid 19 pandemic. Although washing hands has long been echoed as a preventative measure for disease, people have only begun to be active lately. Both use soap in running water, and also use a hand sanitizer. Behind the good habit of washing hands frequently and using masks, it turns out to have an impact on the skin. In fact, the skin as a barrier (barrier) the entry of foreign objects including viruses must be maintained health and moisture. Especially when the Covid pandemic 19.

Dermatologist - Cosmetic Dermatology dr. Lilik Norawati, Sp.KK, FINSDV, FAADV said, dry skin cannot be ignored. Dry skin can make you more vulnerable to bacteria or infections. Why? Due to lack of moisture, the skin of the hands will break easily, creating an entrance for micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi which can further cause new skin problems. Hand skin can also become irritated due to the use of soap or hand sanitizers that contain alcohol, which can cause dermatitis or eczema. If the skin of the hand has an infection or eczema, it will certainly disrupt the function of the hand, so that it will interfere with daily activities.                                                                                                

"Based on my experience handling patients during the Covid 19 pandemic, it turns out that skin problems arise not only from frequent hand washing or excessive use of hand sanitizers, but also from long-term mask use,"she said.

Dr. Abraham Arimuko, Sp.KK, MARS, FINSDV, FAADV, Skin Specialists - Cosmetic Dermatology, said, the use of more intense PPE is causing many complaints. Starting from irritation or just pain, rashes appear, and blisters. Can also appear small boils, can even recur herpes that appears around the corner of the mouth. In addition, acne can occur and inflammatory pigmentation, where the skin turns black."

Not only adults, during a pandemic like this, everything can have an impact, including children. dr. Tina Wardhani Wisesa, Sp.KK (K), FINSDV, FAADV said, "Especially, in the current pandemic, parents must remain vigilant. Because, the primary purpose of child skin care is only two. First, maintaining the child's skin as a protector. Second, reducing and prevent irritation, "she said.

There are three steps that must be done in caring for a child's skin, which are cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting. In the moisturizing process, parents can moisturize the whole body, including the child's hands and feet, after they finish bathing with soap (may also use soap that contains moisturizer). The moisturizer that can be given to children after they bathe is a lotion type moisturizer.

Just like children, to deal with dry skin, in adults, must diligently use a moisturizer. Doctor Lilik said, currently there are some special moisturizers that can repair damaged skin barriers, because not all moisturizers can repair damaged skin barriers. Examples of moisturizers that can improve skin barriers are moisturizers that contain Pseudo-Ceramide. Pseudo-Ceramide has the ability to protect the skin and help repair skin barriers damaged by frequent washing. In addition to the moisturizer content, frequent application of moisturizer is important for those who have skin dryness and also to prevent skin dryness.

Medical Affairs Manager Soho Global Health, dr. Melissa Djaja, said that moisturizers with Pseudo-Ceramide content are useful in building lipid structures in the skin layer, supported by MLE® technology (Multi-Lamellar Emulsion) which makes it exactly the same as the 3-dimensional structure of skin protection that exists in humans. This technology produces moisturizers that can be the ideal solution to improve skin protection in dry and sensitive skin conditions.

Added VP Marketing Healthcare SOHO Global Health Sylvia A. Rizal, to develop therapies that focus on health and skin care, SOHO is working with NeoPharm Co. Ltd., Korea. NeoPharm Co. Ltd. has the ability to master skin care technology and understand consumer needs very well so that its products become the market leader in Korea, especially for the sensitive skincare market.

"NeoPharm Co. Ltd's license was granted to SOHO Global Health to market moisturizer products with Pseudo-Ceramide content through the NOROID brand. Noroid with Pseudo-Ceramide content and patented MLE® technology, addressing problems for dry and sensitive skin conditions with formulations made together. like a natural structure on human skin, " said Sylvia.

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