Rogelio (Cooey) La O'Jr

President Director & CEO - SOHO Global Health

As we navigate the current socio-economic and environmental challenges, we always keep in mind building a sustainable, resilient and equitable company and community that will nurture the current and future generations through our ESG initiatives. 

Diversity and inclusion are part of our current key ESG initiatives. In essence, we believe that our success is a direct result of our dedicated employees. We have conducted a lot of employee development programs and activity including ensuring that our employees are physically and mentally healthy through team building activities, health check-ups and vaccination programs which were all fully covered by the Company. 

We are also putting effort, as part of our commitment to combat climate change, the greatest public health crisis today, which is causing the rise in chronic disease. We started our journey to net zero by taking the SBTi Acceleration program, where we engaged third party experts to assist us in our journey to achieve net zero by 2050. 

We have incorporated ESG as part of our strategy, as we believe that working strategically with ESG will create the highest value. As such, we have just recently conducted a materiality assessment to have an even more structured and focused prioritization of our ESG efforts. The materiality assessment will form the foundation of our sustainability strategy that will be rolled out in 2023. The materiality assessment and sustainability strategy will allow us to work more structured with our ESG efforts to continuously address the issues most significant to our business and stakeholders.

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